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Silky Satin Pillow Case
Silky Satin Pillow Case
Silky Satin Pillow Case

Silky Satin Pillow Case

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The fabric has a "cooling feel" but warm to the touch. We can custom make any size.

One pillow case 

  • Satin fabric is an excellent option for comfortable sleep. The silky fibers are great for temperature regulation. This keeps our satin pillowcase cooler while you are sleeping, allowing you to get a good night’s rest.

  • No zipper closures poking you in the face as you sleep. MR&HM satin pillowcases are made without a zipper closure, instead using an envelope closure design. The silky pillowcase holds your

  • With our satin pillowcases for hair and skin, you can rest easy knowing your hair will be soft & smooth upon waking in the morning. The silk satin pillow case allows your hair to remain frizz and tangle free and reduces hair breakage.


-100 % polyester 
-We recommend Air Dry only to Maintain Softness of Fabric (LOW HEAT)
-Light Pressing
-Made in the USA

***Every single item in my shop is Handcrafted by me in USA in smoke free home.